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I just launch my first product ! 🎉

I launched my first product yesterday!

As part of my second year of my master degree (Head of Digital Strategy and Innovations), I have to create a product from A to Z in solo. I have the great pleasure to present Koala!

I have decided to create a protective case for computers on which you can write and erase ad infinitum! Conceived and designed in France, these shells are made from recycled plastic bottles in Rennes (a small town in France). In addition to being environmentally friendly, part of the revenue that will be generated in the future will be donated to the Queensland Koala Crusaders association to help koalas thrive again in this part of Australia.

For the moment, the site is in French, but I think the translation from Google Translation is quite accurate. Feel free to pre-register, it doesn't commit you to anything and doesn't oblige you to buy a product (they are not designed yet it's a waiting list to see how many people would be interested in the product).

I will also write a series of articles about how I created this product from idealization to MVP.

You can see the site at this address:
And follow the Twitter account:
And upvote us on ProductHunt :

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