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Discussion on: I've been working on Startups for more than 4 years (ask me anything)

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Manolo Edge Ask Me Anything

This question is kinda tricky. It was a long journey to get something that worked.

I guess the most important tech to know would be "Blockchain", without a basic understanding of blockchain it will be complicated to do it. But I will try explaining some problems we encountered:

One big problem we encountered was to find a Blockchain that allowed transactions bigger than 1kb (what Bitcoin core accepted back when we started developing this platform). In the end, we ended up creating a Blockchain of our own, based on Bitcoin! Although nowadays there might be more Blockchains that allow more data to be sent through.

Another really important point was, how do we make it cheap/free to post content on the social network? Because by default blockchains have fees, but we did not want our users to need to pay to make a post. I can't explain what we did exactly, but we somewhat "removed" the fees.

The most important thing we encountered was (taking into account that blockchain is decentralized, and one should not be able to remove a transaction) how to Administrate the site, how to ban users, how to remove posts if they don't follow the terms of service, etc...

If you are interested in learning more about the tech behind it, please check this link for more information. We/they came up with a lot of smart solutions to hard problems!

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Sujay Kundu

Thats nice 👌