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Discussion on: I've been working on Startups for more than 4 years (ask me anything)

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Manolo Edge Ask Me Anything

Hi Manolo, how do you handle the contract issue in a startup?

Well In my case I've been quite lucky in that respect and they hired me full-time. I haven't worried too much about this, although in the long term you must always consider that the startup might fail and you might lose your job, so having other income channels is always advised as well as having options in case it fails for example, investing, creating side-projects, etc....

The first startup I worked in for around 2 years was dissolved due to a misunderstanding between the 2 owners, a lot of workers were fired, but not me, why? I was useful for them and created a really good relationship, so one of the owners took me with them to the next Startup. I then took on a bigger role in the company.

The salary for me has always been below-market.

Do you have a percentage of shares?

I don't at the moment, because they don't have them. But I have been offered shares in other startups on occasions!

An above-market salary?

Actually, no. I've always earned below-average for that same position in a big company. Although this has never been my priority, I value a lot more the work conditions, the schedule, if the workplace is friendly...

I don't know about other startups but I guess its similar, at least the ones starting up.

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Thanks for sharing Manolo, the startup world is amazing, i hope some day be involved in it.

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Manolo Edge Ask Me Anything

Thanks to you for reading. I hope you get involved one day :) It can be a really good experience, although it can also be hell, so decide well before...