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I don't remember birthdays (for a reason)

nombrekeff profile image Manolo Edge ・1 min read

I always thought that not remembering birthdays was something that just happened and did not think much into it. Recently I've been thinking about it a bit more, and I think I have found the reason. I do remember the ones from the people closest to me though :P

For me, birthdays are like rather un-useful data to remember, like the names of people that you meet once, or knowing all css properties... and are another day.

I think the reason to not remember birthdays is to save space in my brain for more useful information.

What do you think? Does this happen to you?


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Seeing that my children's birthday (yes plural, twins) is the most important day in my life there's no way I could ever forget & I'm getting older with a failing memory. And to forget important people's birthday is disrespectful (it would be especially mean if I didn't remember my wife's birthday). I only celebrate birthdays & Halloween lol so there's really no reason to forget those dates... even with a failing memory...


Yea definitely, I was talking about less important birthdays, I also remember my nieces birthdays, and my most close family and friend, but not that cousin that you only see once every 2 years...


I agree there; there's no obligation to remember anything else about anyone, but I don't forget things on purpose nor try to control it. As much control as a person wants to have over their mind & body it probably takes more energy/effort to try & fully control what you do & don't remember. I let it happen naturally & for things I need to remember I don't mind needing a reference of some sort; notes, calendars, quick reference docs when it comes to programming etc...

Totally agree, I don't do this thoughtfully, It's subconscious, I thought It might have something to do with that!

As much control as a person wants to have over their mind & body it probably takes more energy/effort to try & fully control what you do & don't remember.
I image so, it's not easy task, forgetting stuff!


Nice one xD
I do remember the most important birthdays, but not the ones that are not needed...

The post was more about the information we remember, that is not "useful"...


I have to actively put reminders in Amazon to get something for my boyfriend and mother because they're holiday people and I'm not. Now, I remember my own birthday (only so I can milk it for a steak dinner or Def Leppard concert tickets) but otherwise, it's just a day. So for other peoples' birthdays, it's also just a day which is why it doesn't register for me to remember it. I only remember my boyfriend and mom's birthdays not because it's important but because it's important to them and I want them to be happy.


Yup, it's important to some people, for me not so much, maybe that has something to do as well!


I mean, you can always put them on a calendar.


Definitely, I don't use calendars though!


Then you don't want to xD

That's somewhat the point xD


I have no idea when my parents' birthdays are :D

I honestly wish people wouldn't remember mine. I never want them to celebrate it, as the celebration is never actually anything that makes me happy, but invovles decorations which I frankly find insulting and company that only disrupts my work 😠


I just save the birthdays on the calendar / notepad app