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Showcase - Let's Learn Flutter (LLF) #0

Hey there 👋

I'm starting a new series. In this initial post I want to showcase what the series is going to be about, what to expect from it, who is it for, and a bit about me (not much, I promise)

The first thing to know is that this is the first of many posts, focused on learning Flutter step-by-step. I will also show real world scenarios, examples and in the end we will build a complete app.

What will I cover?

These are some of the contents I plan to include:

  • Dart language basics
  • Flutter basics
  • Built in widgets & theming
  • Custom widgets
  • Routing
  • Handling forms & data
  • State management options
  • Communicating with HTTP APIS
  • Build a complete app

There will be more things not covered in this list, take a look at the Table Of Content further down, it will be updated as the series progresses.

Who is this for?

I'm intending it as a guide on what I know about Flutter, initially aimed at beginners, beginners in Flutter that is.

If you already have experience with Flutter you might want to skip the first couple posts. Further on I will start touching more interesting topics

Otherwise everyone is welcome


There are not that many requirements (even if you don't know anything about programming, you might learn something too):

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • And IDE (optional)
    • VSCode (prefered, as the guide will use it)
    • If you don't have access to an ide, you can use for testing dart stuff.
    • For flutter you can also use, I have not used it
  • Motivation to learn

That's it, everything else I will try to cover in this series, hopefully. Please let me know if I miss something, or there is some topic in specific you'd like me to cover!

Why am I doing this?

It's simple, I like sharing knowledge and Flutter has been my favourite framework for the past 2 years. I've been using it professionally for that amount of time at our company, in a number of projects now. In this time, I've gaining a bit of experience with it, but I'm not an expert by any means.

Hopefully this guide will also be a way of improving my knowledge and skills with Flutter. And hopefully you teach me something along the way :)

Who is Manolo aka Keff?

I won't take long as I'm not the kind of person that likes talking to much about himself.

I'm a simple guy, working a simple job full-time for half a decade. Working as a developer, mostly focused on web and last couple years shifted towards mobile.

But the most important thing you need to know about me is that,

I'm honest and like to do things well.

So expect that from these posts, I will not sell you bullshit or tell you that "something is done like this" if I'm not sure. I will research, test, and then explain to you, why that solution was chosen instead of the other one. Or if I'm unsure, I will make you know.

With all that being said, let's starts shall we? And remember to comment if you have any suggestion or something you would like me to cover in these posts.

Table of contents

This table of contents will be updated as the series progresses, listing all the chapters of the series:

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