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WeeklyFinds(2): github-readme-stats | Add stats to your GitHub readme

I was considering making this installment of WeeklyFinds about cool form utilities.

But, as the new GitHub feature has brought so many cool projects and ideas to the table, I will be featuring github-readme-stats, "Dynamically generated stats for your GitHub readmes".

It does not only work for GitHub readme, but you can also use it here on, and I imagine other markdown renderers as well.

Here is a sample of what it can do (take into account that it's a newborn, was created yesterday):
Anurag's github stats

Go check it out, and give some love. ❤️

GitHub logo anuraghazra / github-readme-stats

⚡ Dynamically generated stats for your github readmes

GitHub Readme Stats

GitHub Readme Stats

Get dynamically generated GitHub stats on your readmes!

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Discussion (3)

anuraghazra profile image
Anurag Hazra

Thanks for sharing :D i'll be following this series

nombrekeff profile image
Keff Author

Cool, If you have any cool suggestions of projects to be featured, please let me know and will consider them!

sheldonhull profile image

Very cool! Implemented on my new github profile @ . Thanks for this!