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What new grads need to prepare for after graduating

Being a recent grad we all expect to land that great paying job in tech. Have a smooth and easy journey when it comes to landing that job but nothing really prepares you for the horrors that follow...

So heres my quick tips to new grads:
1.master your programming language of choice
We learn quite alot of programming languages during our varsity life over short periods of time,meaning we dont get to master the skills very well. We work on projects that contribute to some of our knowledge but does this really prepare you for work life. My guess is after graduating work on mastering atleast 2 programming languages from understanding basic syntax to knowing what data structures to use and which will immensely help you when it comes to those horrifying online coding assessments you have to do before any interview.

  1. Online Presence and work on a Project Create a github account,linkedin and a profile. A good project to start working on is your web based portfolio. This will help showcase your web developer skills as well as let recruiters know more about you. online courses
This is another form of upskilling yourself and learning new things and get awarded a certificate thats proof that your the shiz niz🤣😊

Lastly dont be afraid to ask questions and seek help when you get stuck. Thats how you will learn to be the best developer by learning and working to fix your mistakes.



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