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re: Thanks for all your work on this OSS product. A couple of questions... Is Arunoda still working on Storybook, or is he full-time at Zeit? I'm cur...

So we're already kinda compatible with Preact via the method you just described.

I wonder how many preact users are there that would not be comfortable with the needed changes, do you recon it's worth the effort? (including maintenance).

One thing one of our maintainers Igor Davydkin came up with recently was the concept of 'presets' and examples you can clone to get started.

I think this would help in your use-case, as at the very least the process of adopting storybook for Preact is in that case very well documented, because there's a runnable example available.

We could add a Preact version to our CLI too. sounds like a very good first-pr, wanna help?


I haven't had time to look into this yet, but I documented the process of how to do it for the time being by installing React first as I mentioned in another comment.

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