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Discussion on: Breaking up with JavaScript

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Peter Weinberg

Have you looked into ReasonML at all yet? It let's you keep developing for the web, without throwing away all that React knowledge (ReasonReact) and addresses many of the problems you cite with JS. And unlike Typescript, it is a true strongly typed language, built on top of the battle tested OCaml, with a syntax meant to be more familiar to JS devs (go try reading some pure OCaml!).

The eco system is getting more and more mature every day and the community is still small enough where getting help on their discord channel is a guarantee (the community is the most welcoming I've ever joined). It practically eliminates runtime errors, it compiles blazing fast and it's for the front end as well as the server.

Teams are using it in production, though it's not that widespread yet, so not sure if you can learn it and go out and get a job programming in reason somewhere yet, but you can introduce it at work perhaps, and it will add another tool to your tool belt and keep you engaged with the web.

I highly recommend checking it out! Good luck.