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Space Cats!

What is it?

Space Cats! is a 3D On-Rails Space-Shooter Action game. It features engaging combat, a fun story, and yes, stock photos of cats!


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Webpage and Demo Link ( 64bit Windows/MacOS/Linux)

Link to Code (Code Only, no Assets/Unity files)

What I Did:

I developed this game with my friend Wilson for our
Senior Project. We used Unity and C#. We had about 4 weeks for preproduction and 12 weeks of active development. Since our team was so small we each had the opportunity to work on almost every aspect of the game. I worked on creating Movement, Combat, AI, UI, Dialogue, the final boss encounter, and more.

Challenges and Solutions:

Without going to in depth, we had a lot of systems to create in a very limited amount of time. We took our preproduction time very seriously and worked out how everything should look and the technical specifications that would have to be met way before committing to anything. We would aim to make all of our classes as polymorphic as possible and instead of creating complex AI, would create simple responses that could be combined to create emergent behavior. I will link a very detailed postmortem below.

What's Missing / Lessons Learned

Since this project focused on mechanics, we did not have enough time to develop the artistic side of our game. We also had to make the decision to allow our player to phase through objects when taking damage in our cinematic level, this was because colliding with static objects would break our camera system and disorient the player which we didn’t notice until late in development.

We believe that upon further iteration, we could keep improving our game’s mechanics and aesthetics and eventually create a commercially viable product. We would also have to develop more levels, expand gameplay possibilities, and create custom art assets.


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