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nurdtechie98 profile image Chirag Shetty ・2 min read


It was the winter of 2018, I was at home with no internship that vacation. We had a few academic mini projects going on. I had always been a git github user for during those days, but my teammates who were not so into tech at that point, didn't find version control, git easy to use.
They used google drive for sharing code which isn't advisable.
ps: don't judge my teammates they already had a steep learning curve for the time so can't blame them.
Since I found going going away from the terminal and uploading and downloading code using UI a very boring process. Plus I need to move away from my beloved terminal. Thus I pondered why not use a CLI for drive as well.
When I went about finding for some CLI I wasn't able to find a any easy to install and use CLI for google drive. Thus I decided to build one and that's when I ended up building Drive-CLI.

Drive-CLI is a command-line utility for google drive which helps you access, sync, download, upload, etc. directly to your drive without leaving the command-line. The best part being the commands are similar to git CLI so that you can easily remember them 💆

Demo Link

You can check it out yourself here
Do star it if you find it interesting.

How I built it ?

At the outset I started building it all alone, for the first few months built the core structure.
Since at that point the only thing I knew was python so that is what I decided to used.
I had earlier worked with API's but wasn't so confident back then, but throughout the process I learnt a lot of things solidified a lot concepts.
Once I started it with the basic set of commands, I published the package on Pypi and made the repo public on github.
A lot of people found in really interesting and started contributing to it, and we ended up adding many more features.

From that time onwards it has only garnered more and more support from people, with poeple actively using it, making pull request. I really feel proud to have done something of this sorts and have nothing but a lot of thanks to say, to all the contributors.

Final Note: I am really sorry that I have not been maintaining the project actively, but with the senior year and other activities going on I am really finding it hard to dedicate time. But definitely get it back on track soon. At this point I need a custom domain name to take the project ahead because of google api verification, so I am waiting for it.

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