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Bonjour ami(e)s developers !

I'm a dev from France, I'm also an entrepreneur and I just created a "Software Workshop" (kinda like a consulting company) called Ryfacto (

I have 8 years of experience and I'm constantly learning new stuff and the articles here are very helpful in this sense !

I have a lot of experience in iOS development (Swift & Obj-C).

Currently I'm revising classic books in the field (Mythical Man Month, Clean Code, Refactoring, etc) as well as leveling up in React (JS + Native), .NET Core, automation on Azure.

I really care about my craft and am a TDDer & eXtreme Programmer.

Beside programming, I love playing Zelda & Mario and board games with my friends !

I wish everyone happy learning & fun with programming (and other stuff 😉).

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