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Go: Netflix Conductor Worker

What is Conductor

Conductor is a Microservices orchestration platform from Netflix, released under Apache 2.0 Open Source License.

Download and start Conductor server in 5 minutes


Install Golang package

go get
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Implementing a Task a Worker

task package provides the types used to implement the worker. Here is a reference worker implementation:

package task

import (

// Implementation for "task_1"
func Task_1_Execution_Function(t *task.Task) (taskResult *task.TaskResult, err error) {
    log.Println("Executing Task_1_Execution_Function for", t.TaskType)

    //Do some logic
    taskResult = task.NewTaskResult(t)

    output := map[string]interface{}{"task":"task_1", "key2":"value2", "key3":3, "key4":false}
    taskResult.OutputData = output
    taskResult.Status = "COMPLETED"
    err = nil

    return taskResult, err
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Worker Polling

Here is an example that shows how to start polling for tasks after defining the tasks.

package main

import (

func main() {
    c := conductor.NewConductorWorker("http://localhost:8080", 1, 10000)

    c.Start("task_1", "", sample.Task_1_Execution_Function, false)
    c.Start("task_2", "mydomain", sample.Task_2_Execution_Function, true)
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NewConductorWoker parameters

  1. baseUrl: Server address.
  2. threadCount: No. of threads. Number of threads should be at-least same as the number of workers
  3. pollingInterval: Time in millisecond between subsequent polls

for the source code and follow us on GitHub for updates.

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