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Bleeding Edge PHP on ZEIT Now

Today I would like to show you ZEIT Now platform. Well, you've probably heard about it. There are many blogposts about this awesome piece of technology (

But, I have some good news for PHP devs. Since June (06/2019) I am working on the enhanced PHP builders for ZEIT Now.

These builders support:

  • multiple PHP versions (7.2.20, 7.3.7, 7.4.0alpha2) 🚀
    • official PHP builder is 7.1.22
  • multiple running modes (server, cgi, cli, fpm) 🧙‍♂️
    • just pick whatever you like
  • many preinstalled PHP extensions 📦
  • install dependencies via Composer 🤩

The updated builders you can find at the Github juicyfx/now-php and I would appreciate any feedback.

How to test it? Take a look at examples

How to deploy under 1 minute? Create index.php and now.json in your project's folder. If you're not familiar with ZEIT Now, take a look at official website.


    "version": 2,
    "builds": [
      { "src": "old.php", "use": "@now/php" },
      { "src": "new.php", "use": "now-php" }

Yep, that's all. And now call now. 🤓

You should saw something like that.

At the end, some examples.

I'm also testing Caddy server with FPM and There are many features you might be looking for.

PHP builder was separated from zeit/now-builders to solo repository - Take a look.

Happy testing,

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johnnypea profile image
Ján Bočínec

Are there any real advantages using "now-bref" instead of "now-php"? Thanks.

f3l1x profile image
Milan Felix Šulc

Well, currently on. now-bref is still experimental implementation.