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HR Software Companies Use The Nylas Calendar API to Accelerate Time to Market


Automation is all around us, from self-driving cars to automatic payments, from virtual assistants like Alexa and Echo to check-in kiosks at the airports. Automation has fundamentally changed how businesses operate: it has increased efficiency, transparency, and work-life balance by handling tedious and repetitive tasks and leaving the more human tasks to humans. Which is why automation for HR software is so prevalent, and so important.

Companies like Beamery, Lever, and CATS (an applicant tracking system) all provide streamlined recruiting and HR processes to their users - and for a good reason. According to WorkMarket’s 2020 In(Sight) Report, 53% of employees state that automation can help save them up to 2 work hours a day which accounts to six weeks (240 hours) of time per year, while 78% of business leaders could save up to 3 work hours a day which totals up to nine weeks (360 hours) of time per year.

You can build scheduling sync between your HR software application and your user’s calendars using the Nylas Calendar API. Save your end-users hundreds of working hours by automating scheduling tasks for them.

Empower Users to Streamline Recruiting with Calendar Sync

Recruiting is a complex, multi-faceted process with multiple variables and little room for error: from creating job postings to resume screening, conducting interviews, vetting candidates, gathering feedback - and it can take up to weeks to nail them down if not months. Automation can help make recruiting a seamless process.

With the Nylas calendar API, developers can build full calendar CRUD (create, read, update and delete capabilities), and bi-directional calendar sync to expedite and improve the hiring process for recruiters. The faster the hiring process, the better the chances are of recruiting the best candidate.

Users can schedule interviews and calls all from within your HR software’s interface. Multiple interviews can be arranged in just one click, free/busy schedules are shown, and the event is added to the calendars of all the attendees.




Empower Users to Organize Meetings with Calendar Sync

Meetings are a great way to get the team on the same page, discuss strategies, and plan for the future. If meetings are not appropriately managed, they can take up 31 hours of the work time per month.

Even though organizing a meeting can be simple, the difficulty level increases as the number of attendees grow - sending emails, getting everyone's schedule, making phone calls, finding a room, arranging the resources.

The more time is spent organizing a meeting, that's less time spent towards a higher priority task.

Adding calendar sync to meeting room booking software eradicates the need to book everything individually. Meeting organizers save hours, giving them more time to spend on meeting preparation.

Fountain is an applicant tracking and recruiting platform which helps companies around the world hire hourly workers at scale using self-service interview booking, automation, machine learning, and customizable workflows.

When Fountain users book meetings, the choose a block of time surrounded by other work meetings or personal plans. With the help of Nylas Calendar API, Fountain's scheduling system work in harmony with their users’ whole schedule.

In a nutshell, it will keep records of every meeting in one place. Every time you create a new place to store data, you give yourself more to maintain and more chances for details to slip through the cracks.

Throughout the hiring process, candidates will go through different stages. The Nylas Calendar API will track the journey of your applicant and will also keep track of any schedule change of either the organization or the candidate.

Next Steps

Above all, automating any function within your business frees up time, reduces human error and creates more efficiency. These are just a handful of the ways the Nylas calendar API can create better experiences for businesses and employees.

For more information and to get started with a free trial, click here.


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