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Today's JavaScript React Developer Questions

Again the interview spree is going on and this is today's interview questions:

1) prevent page from refreshing (event prevent default)
2) types of inputs in CSS
3) Destructure/spread operator in JS
4) changing value while destructuring
5) execution context
6) sum(4,5) sum(4,5,6,7,8) number of arguments pass may change using recursion or closures
7) undefined VS null
8) position property in CSS
9) display line, display block, block-inline
10) sort number of 1's and 0's
11) Find pairs (i,j) which sum upto given value if array is sorted.
12) var , let and const
13) const a = [1,2,3,4] can we mutate this array?
14) IIFE
15) convert IIFE to module
16) create a module using ES6 and ES5 syntax
17) Create calendar using inbuilt html dropdown
18) Write regular expression for PAN number
19) uncontrolled vs controlled components
20) JS problem on execution context
21) map/reduce/filter method
22) Invert object using functional programming keys should become values and values should become keys
23) Immutability
24) recursion problem to solve sum(a,b) function
25) Binary search and sorting problem

The next rounded included the following ones:
How to reduce web page loading time?
How to check data type in JS?
How to create a copy of object? ->> I said object.assign() he said any other method I said spread operator ...
How to change particular key of an object?
There is a calculator with multiple buttons and it creates alert box how will you handle this onclick events? My answer: Inside of adding on click on each button we will add cllick event on parent element so this will be event delegation. Event will bubble up. He said yes got it
What are primitive types in JS ?

Basically I made this list for today. Hope It helps

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