Discussion on: Does writing a "Dev Blog" help improving your skills?

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Omar Bahareth

Lately I've been doing more of showing my solution but I love writing as I learn as well (I did that with my GraphQL article a while back and I loved it), but I sometimes feel anxious doing that or I don't want to add clutter amongst the already good resources on the topic, so I sometimes write on my wiki instead. As an example my own personal reference and "gotchas" for Go syntax, I did not feel it was worth an article because there's already A LOT of content covering its syntax.

I have a habit of not wanting to write an article on a topic if I already found good resources covering it, so a lot of the articles I write are "guides I wish I had", for topics I searched for quite a bit and could not find good resources on.

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D3zibel Author

That is a really good tip! Thanks for your advice :)

I really think the same way as You... As long as there are enough posts out there I don't have to be the 100th one posting it. If there is no proper solution which i can find easily it's worth a try :)