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Uchechukwu Obasi
Uchechukwu Obasi

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Hi Scott, I think I'm about to do the right thing ;)

Hi guys!!

If you wanna be a world class software engineer, you need to learn new things everyday

Disclaimer: Deliberate situations require deliberate actions. I'm about to take actions by sharing my words and contributing my little quota to the world, one blog post at a time. I challenge you to do same and together, we create a more supportive and happy world!!

I'm currently on a path to becoming a world class frontend web engineer. My plans was to lock myself indoor and just absorb every JavaScript content I could find out here on the Internet but after listening to Scott Hanselman speak at the Concatenate Conference Lagos, I think it's worth it if I start sharing my words, thoughts, and ideas out here by writing articles about them.

So I'm challenging myself by sharing my thoughts and ideas as I paddle through the path to mastery in JavaScript. I challenge myself to write at least one blog post every day on this platform for 100 days.

I know it's gonna be tough at first but I believe it's worth it by the way. Besides, Ideas are worth sharing so let's make it open source!!

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