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Improving the display image of MacBook Air

Since 2011, Apple has been using screen panels from Samsung and LG in
the MacBook Air. Both displays are very high quality, but, it seems, how LG panels work worse with Apple’s standard color profile. This makes the picture a little flat and pale.

Disclaimer: I personally recommend buying one on Amazon - MBA

To fix the situation, it is enough to replace the standard color profile with a modified one for the MacBook Air. In practice, it turned out that it will improve the picture not only of the LG matrices, but also of Samsung. In any case, it happened with me with MBA 13“(2013).
We check the matrix manufacturer

To find out the manufacturer of your display, start the Terminal (/ Programs / Utilities /) and run the following command:
$ ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed “/ [^ & lt ; ] *

At the output you will get something like LTH116AT01A04 . It stands for this simple matter:

  • LP — LG
  • Everything Else — Samsung

If interested, then you can drive this code into Google and recheck the manufacturer. But, again, judging by the reviews, the new color profile helps not only matrices from LG, but also from Samsung.
Change the color profile

I tried several color profiles for MBA and most of all I liked MacRumors version . If you are interested, then in that branch of the forum you can find other options. So:
Download and unzip the archive with the profile — Custom Profile
Open the Finder and press Cmd Shift G

In the window that appears, enter
/ Library / ColorSync / Profiles / Displays /

The Displays folder is displayed in your Finder. Copy the CustomMBA.icc profile into it.
Now go to System Settings → Monitors → Color and uncheck the Profiles of this monitor only . Our new profile will be called For MacBook Air .

Once you select it, you will immediately notice the difference. To return everything back, just choose the standard version from Apple.
As I said above, my matrix LTH116AT01A04 (Samsung) also began to behave better.
The image turned out slightly darker and sharper.
Try and let’s discuss the results :)

I personally recommend buying one on Amazon - MBA

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