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re: If I build a component framework in another language via WASM, I can't see a way to make those components play well in a Web Component ecosystem. T...

How do you make a UI accessible that doesn't ultimately render HTML semantics? If you can't build an accessible UI, why would you implement the UI with WASM?

Note that iOS, Android, and other UI platforms are accessible without using HTML. While I'm not pushing for leaving the DOM, there is nothing in particular that ties accessibility to it — it's a matter of which low-level APIs are exposed and available.

because javascript tooling is That Bad? but in seriousness i don't really understand. 1) it would still render HTML, 2) most app UIs are not HTML.

Weren't we talking about web UIs specifically? Are you using WASM to build native Android or iOS apps? What is going on in this conversation?

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