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Jelly Fin: Serverless framework versus Claudia.js

I like the idea of using as a way to journal my project. Keeps me honest. Those of you who are following along get to see an app come together and cheer me on, too.

Thanks to AT&T Uverse, we've been without internet since Sunday. It's the second time we've had an outage and we've just had them for a little over a month. #ByeFelicia

So, we're switching over to Spectrum #fingerscrossed.

So, the more I've been reading into Claudia.js the more I'm realizing that Serverless framework might be too much for me at the moment. I need to scale back and think on simpler terms.

The fact that I have no internet limits my ability to continue at the moment, but I can always research until we get installed this weekend.

Follow along with me on #jellyfin.

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