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Starting Over: And That's Ok


I decided to start over with Jelly Fin.


I feel like every time I start writing, I'm compelled to say "it's been a while" usually because it has. At my last job, I barely had any energy or time left over to write. I love expressing myself and sharing what I know with others; however, when that work/life balance is all work and little life, it's hard to feel motivated to write casually.

Losing your job is a humbling experience. I was working at a start-up and while #startuplife is exciting when you have a rag-tag group of mercenary DEVs marching to the beat of the same drum, it's all fun and games until they aren't able to pay you anymore.

People listen to you. Switching gears is effortless, challenging, exciting. Will this work? Who knows? Will we go under tomorrow? Who cares. Let's get this done today and hope for the best.

Why'd you start over?

I felt it was necessary. I have a specific idea with JellyFin and recently went through a plethora of technical interviews, but finally got an offer, accepted it, and I'm eager to get back to work.

One of the jobs I applied for had a technical challenge to create an app that connected to the Giphy API and you needed to be able to search for any gif, save it to your profile, and be able to categorize it. For this challenge, I chose Firebase and React. I took my time with it because I wanted it to be good, but I spent probably more time on it than I needed to (considering I didn't get the role). Either way, I gained knowledge from it.

Well, what I'd learned from interacting with Firebase and using authentication using Google, I'm applying that to JellyFin. I'll be chipping away at it over the next few months. If you see something out of place or a better way to do something, feel free to send me a PR.

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A simple way to manage your finances with forecasting. We should automate our money, not make it automate us.

Jelly Fin

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Finances are hard. It's one of the first adulting things everyone has to wrestle with. So, let's make it easy and automate it. Over the course of several years, my wife and I have tracked our finances using a forecasting method and had done it all within a spreadsheet. The time came where I wanted to take this concept and make it mobile using serverless architecture and clean design.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


Installing and Running

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Run npm install to cover any dependencies.

Common Issues:

If installation isn't working for you, check the following:

  1. Your version of node (v 8.x.x) & npm(vā€¦

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