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Top Tips for Working from Home as a Developer

Many developers work freelance which often means they find themselves working from the comfort of their own homes. Perks such as no commute and being your own boss often leave people thinking that working from home is the dream; although there are lots of pluses to working from home, there can also be a few drawbacks. Here I want to look at a few of the best ways I’ve learned which can make working from home more enjoyable.

Create a Routine

If you allow yourself to fall out of a routine the chances are you will become much less productive. Just as you would with an ordinary office job, set yourself a start and finish time and try to stick to it. This way it will be much easier to organise your days and make plans. It can also be a good idea to somewhat dress for work as this will put you in the right mindset for a productive day.

Allow Yourself Breaks

You wouldn’t accept having no breaks when working for an employer so don’t accept it for yourself. Carrying on from the last point, creating a routine for yourself will allow you to plan breaks for tea/coffee as well as lunch. Breaks allow your mind to refresh and make the most of the time you are working.

Set Yourself Goals

When working in an office it is likely that you will be set goals and objectives. However, working for yourself, of course, there is no one to set these goals for you but yourself. Give yourself goals which are achievable but will still take work. This will give you a benchmark against which you can measure your success.

Be Sure to Network

One of the biggest issues people can face when working from home is the feeling of isolation. No longer having colleagues around you and spending much of the day working alone can be quite a lonely experience. To overcome this, it can be helpful to go to networking events. Not only will these events mean you get the social interaction you are missing, but you might also come across some great business opportunities. Networking can also be a great way to meet mentors who can use their expertise to guide you to success.

Know When to Stop

When you work in an office, you know when the day has come to an end because you have clocked out and on your way home. However, when you work at home it can be harder to know when to switch off and stop. Try to allow yourself to fully enjoy the weekends and evenings without feeling like you should be working or making amendments to that project due soon.

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