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How i went from making php codes for fun to senior dev

It all started with 'minecraft: pocket edition', yes the mobile version of minecraft. 5 years ago i was playing alot on servers and was wondering how they make all the cool stuff, first i thought we had to do a ton of codes to check even a simple thing but then when i started looking into tutorials it seemed way easier than i thought. In fact, i remember the first ide i downloaded was NetBeans IDE, i was really confused with all the '{}' and ';' stuff because i was basically copying the examples and not learning it. But then after a few tries (actually alot), i found out alone how to write codes just by looking at open source examples on github. After 3 years i got bored of it and i even started making console apps using php (i'd never recommend it to anyone). And then while scrolling thought some facebook group, i found an article talking about how "Go is 1000 times faster than php 5" and that alone was enough to motivate me, the first thing i did was try to find a good book, the best one i could find was "the way to go", i recommend it! it took me a few weeks to finish it because i had school exams but i did finish it, and as soon as i did, i downloaded Jetbrains's IDE for Golang "Goland" and made a complicated program with ui and proxy and it worked just how i expected it, then the second thing i've done was getting hired into a site to re-write the back-end codes from NodeJS to Go (i actually didn't even look at the NodeJS app codes and did just what they told me) and it ended up being super good :D! and then learning Go opened alot of doors for me, i've now learned python, rust, C/C++ and Kotlin.

Also in my opinion, Kotlin, Rust and Go are the languages that anyone must learn because they are the future of programming. (The community say Elixir, Crystal and Nim too but i've not tested them so i can't recommend them).

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