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Why should we sleep? :)

These days I am working on full time for the great game company from Canada but in the same time, I would love to do more in my free time as developer ånd still spend the same amount of time with family. I believe the last 10 years I became really addictive on this life style. Everything it's so progressive in web/game/machine learning, it's becoming so easy to learn how to build AI, draw in Adobe Illustrator, build robots. coursera, udemy, udacity is making our lifes easy but in the same time harder to choose the right time and course to learn because of limitation of time.

Why should we sleep while it's so much opportunity around us? :)

It's time to invent something for our brains and health to have more time for the side projects :).

Feel good anyway.

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As someone who has worked in the field for awhile, I want to speak out about how unhealthy this headline is. Challenge yourself to take care of yourself as a whole being, a whole person, not just someone who creates code and pixels.

There's a lot to learn and great things to build, but we need healthy, whole people to do that work, not folks who are overworked and headed toward burnout. Rest and relationships are worthwhile endeavors for developers, not just their commit histories. 💜

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Grzegorz Ziemonski

There’s a good book on the topic called “Why We Sleep”. Highly recommended!

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Alexandr K

thank you! going to search for audiobook version to save some time :)