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Kenneth Okalang
Kenneth Okalang

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My software developer journey.

I graduated with a Masters degree in Economics way back in 2008 but never got an opportunity to work in an organization where I could impart the knowledge and skills I had gained. For about one year I was unemployed but then decided to try out running my own business. I was cash strapped then obviously after studies but was lucky to obtain a loan from the bank to start a taxi business.

All was going quite well until the beginning of 2020 with the onslaught of Covid-19 pendemic. The taxi business dropped by more than 90% as movement was restricted. Luckily enough the government came to our rescue. We were given financial assistance and opportunities to change careers through tailor made programs targeting sectors that were hit hardest by the pandemic. This included the taxi sector. One of the opportunities was a six-month online dotnet System Development course. I was so intrigued by automation. I initially registered for an online python program but also learned that dotnet framework does well too with automation. My educational background encouraged me as well to go into programming.

It was such a long time that I was in class and wondered whether I would be able to coup with all the 'rust' on me. In January 2021, I was enrolled in the course. As of today I have got both personal guidance from professional IT trainers and attended labs with fellow course mates. I have gained the knowledge and skills in programming to be able to develop IT systems, applications, and more.

The course is officially ending on the 6th May 2021 and hopefully will be able to do an internship with a company that needs dotnet System developers.

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