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re: Typed property doesn't mean you should suddenly expose your properties as public and forego getters and setters ! These are two unrelated issues IM...

Exactly! Docblocks have always been an abomination in my opinion, abusing PHP's metaprogramming flexibilities to create incomplete static analysis tooling for something that needs to be in the language itself.

A comment should be used to communicate to fellow humans, not to tools — that's what the rest of the syntax is for.

First we got parameter & return type hints, which made docblocks much less necessary. I see typed properties as the next major step to liberate us from ugly syntax.

But indeed, whether to use protected /get/set or public is completely unrelated to typed properties.

In many cases, protected fields are advisable.

The difference is that IF you use a public property somewhere (I use them commonly on simple DTO classes), or if a setter method does some (slightly too complicated) mutation, you now get some extra safety...

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