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The hardest part of isolation for me has been not spending time with others and struggling to find a boundary to switch on/off from work since the bedroom has also become the office.

Our company always supported remote work so I had a nice balance of home-to-office days, but going zero contact hours has been surprisingly tough. Video calling is no replacement for time with work friends either.

It may be different story once the lifestyle goes back to normal outside of work, but for now it is pretty grim to reflect on!


Dennis, I've had the option to work from home for decades and found that I prefer to exercise the option to hang out with friends while getting the work done. I tried to share that perspective before Covid19 in this ... medium.com/@frankfont123/the-perfe...


If you have issues with the on/off part, It's good practice to set up a space dedicated to work only. If you have a laptop that means moving out of spaces you relax in. If you don't have the option of an extra work room, move to a quiet cafe to get your work done.

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