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Dennis O'Keeffe
Dennis O'Keeffe

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A small little weekend idea that I had been tinkering over for awhile was a way to record my day-to-day activities and todos in a public manner.

I am glad to say that I finally sat down for a morning and built out!

Website opengraph

The aim of this site is to share what I choose to do each day and publicly share what I do manage to get done, as well as things I planned but did not get to.

It is also designed to be a timeline to include blog releases and celebratory moments!

The build

The website uses Next.js, Chakra UI, TypeScript and is hosted on Vercel.

Moving forward

As the site continues to grow, I will be adding more features. Things I am hoping for:

  1. Charts to visualise data such as burndown, completed tasks, and more.
  2. A guest book that self-manages positive content.
  3. Potential to expand and allow others to contribute their own "working out loud" content.

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