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Cover image for My first post.
Andrew James Okpainmo
Andrew James Okpainmo

Posted on

My first post.

Hey, I am Andrew Okpainmo. I am a Front end web developer. This is my first post on I am so glad you are reading this post.
I came on to start out my developer blogging career. I have been coding for some years now, and I believe that I have got some good knowledge that will be of much good to fellow developers on
I am an aspiring full-stack Js developer, but for now, I build websites with frontend web development technologies.
I am always open to help, at least that's one primary reason why we are all here. anytime soon, I will be rolling out some good articles.
It's great being on, and I hope to really make some good impact.
If you are interested in how to get your Gulp workflow up and running so well. Then check out my next article. It's going to be the most definitive article about setting up Gulp that you've ever read.
I'll be sharing how to set gulp for your project in 2021. Thanks to all the troubles I faced while setting mine up.
you can't miss it.

Top comments (6)

thuhtetdev profile image
Thu Htet Tun

Cheers for first post, Andrew.
Keep going on your articles.

mwrpwr profile image
Joseph Maurer

Welcome to the DEV Community!

okpainmo profile image
Andrew James Okpainmo Author

thanks so much Joseph

ramko9999 profile image
Ramki Pitchala

Welcome Andrew!

okpainmo profile image
Andrew James Okpainmo Author

thanks Ramki

n_develop profile image
Lars Richter

Welcome, Andrew. Nice to see you around here. I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts.

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