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Kusk Gateway beta1 - OpenAPI-first for Kubernetes

Folks - we're happy announce beta-1 of our open-source Ingress controller Kusk Gateway - which makes your OpenAPI/Swagger definition the source-of-truth for both functional and operational traits of your API.

If you're using OpenAPI to build REST APIs for Kubernetes Kusk is for you; operational configuration is provided by use of a dedicated x-kusk extension in your OpenAPI/Swagger definition, for example:

      - '*'
      - POST
      - PATCH
      - DELETE
      - PUT
      - GET
      - OPTIONS
      - Content-Type
    credentials: true
    max_age: 86200
    retries: 10
    request_timeout: 60 
    idle_timeout: 30
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will ensure timeouts and CORS settings for your API when you deploy it.

Or if you're keen on mocking all (or parts) of your API you can add the following:

    enabled: true
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which will result in Kusk Gateway returning mock-responses based on your OpenAPI definition. Read more about mocking:

Since all operational configuration is in your OpenAPI definition you can easily automate the deployment of your APIs as part of a CI/CD/GitOps workflow - for example using ArgoCD or GitHub Actions.

Check out the announcement blog-post at and head over to GitHub to get the release and read the docs -

Happy APIing!

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