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re: The argument you're making, as I understand it, seems to fall along these lines: Event Sourcing is a persistence solution Publishing the Event So...

Thanks for your valuable comment. I don't want to discredit Event Sourcing in general. I just want to point out that it's not a silver bullet and should be used with care.

You are absolutely right that Event Sourcing is more than persistence as it utilizes you in thinking about behaviour instead of data. Nevertheless it defines a way how to persist your application state.

In practice it's often required to be able to fix a typo. In an event sourced scenario you need to declare a corresponding event as it's not possible to persist the change otherwise.

The fix might be interesting for other bounded context, so you have to expose the change via an external event, but there is a change that some internal data is fixed and the other contexts don't need to know about it at all.

Anyway, I agree with you that Event Sourcing systems fail because people just use events without reflecting behaviour. They just trabsfer the CRUD mindset into events (OrderCreated, OrderUpdated, OrderDeleted).


I completely agree that having to fix already posted events is a pain. However, there are a few techniques that will typically offset this pain:

  1. Use a serialization format that supports schema migration. I most often use protobuf, but avro is another good choice. This would take care of your typo issue without having to modifying any of the existing events.

  2. Ensure that event includes just the facts and not derived information. For example, I might have a domain event Deposit which would includes the property, Amount. This is a nice fact that everyone can agree upon.

I could potentially include a Balance field in the Deposit event to indicate the balance after the deposit has been made, but because Balance is a derived value (the sum of all Deposits and Withdrawals), it's often subject to re-interpretation which might cause me to have to republish the event.

By sticking to facts, I find it greatly reduces my need to have to modify events. And most modifications for me are because my understanding of the domain has improved.

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