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Oliver Mensah

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Learning to write code that is readable, maintainable, testable, and future changes.

I wonder from time to time whether I'm doing the right thing with respect to guidelines and principles when using an object-oriented approach to create an application. I started reading the Object Design Style Guide book last year to learn more about objects. And beginning this year, I decided to delve deeper into writing code that is readable, maintainable, and testable as well as how to prepare codebase to embrace future changes.

Here are the resources used:


  • Object Design Style Guide.
  • Principles of Package Design.

Pluralsight Courses

  • Writing Readable and Maintainable Code
  • SOLID Software Design Principles
  • Abstract Art: Getting Things "Just Right"
  • Getting Started with Dependency Injection
  • Writing Testable Code
  • Refactoring: Best Practices

The notes taking while exploring these concepts can be found on this gist

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Cleo Jansen

Thanks for such an informative long read. I've enjoyed Fixing Object Oriented Abusers section the most.

Cleo, web dev at SlotsUp

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Oliver Mensah

Thanks, Cleo for the feedback

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Thread Thread
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Very useful tips. Sent them to my fellow programmers on the site

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Thank you for the information.
I know that there is an analogue of pluralistic courses. I think they were called ASDAN. I hope that was helpful.
Regards, Asad.
Web Developer BetAndreas

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