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Discussion on: AWS Static Website Hosting for beginners Part 1

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Nice tuto, what is the price estimation of this kind of housing ?

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Ashwin🇨🇦 Author • Edited on

Yes as Savas pointed out, S3 is cheap.

If you're learning and want to build the architecture shown on the cover image of this post (makes up the full tutorial), it costs a $1.75. I ran my web resume using this for 3 months with requests from within Canada as well as the US.

$1 was for importing my domain name servers. Not sure what the 0.75 was for.

hope that helped

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Savas Vedova • Edited on

S3 is very cheap. You could literally pay a couple of bucks for 100s of millions of requests. You also have other solutions like, zeit, netlify, firebase or google app engine which provide you single click deploys.