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Oluchi Orji
Oluchi Orji

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Hello πŸ‘‹, Everyone, I just launched my New Blog

Hello everyone,
I hope you are staying safe?

I have a little news to share, I just launched my blog and I am so excited.
I started this blog for beautiful reasons.

  1. I find Software engineering and Machine learning engaging, interesting, and would like to use my blog as a medium to share my learning journey (challenges & success).
  2. I love to write beginner-friendly tutorials to help starters, ML enthusiasts get better at software engineering practices, machine learning, and statistics.
  3. Love to share how software development adds values to different business domain.

You can check it out here


Discussion (2)

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Claire Collins

Hey Oluchi. Good to hear from you. I have had a look at your blog. It looks amazing. I look forward to reading more. Hope you are safe and well.

Happy blogging πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ™Œβ€

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Oluchi Orji Author

Thank you 😊 Claire
I am okay and staying safe