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Frontend 360

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I needed to organize my thoughts on Frontend so I've ended up with a mindmap that I've ambitiously named as Frontend 360.
The system can help you to evaluate the state of the projects and point to the strengths and weaknesses.

Mindmap can be categorized into 3 subcategories - Peers, Self and Users



Areas of Frontend Peers

Frontend cannot live in the vacuum itself. As a touchpoint with the customers, it has interdependencies with other domains.
The Peers category relates to the domains relative to the Frontend - Testing, DevOps, Backend, Design, Content, Marketing

  • How fast the project builds and how easy are deploys?
  • Does the application has enough test coverage to prevent bugs?
  • Is the bad API decisions leak into Frontend?
  • Is the UI/UX you have in the application is consistent?
  • Are the translation/content mechanisms pleasure to work with?
  • Are the user tracking reports error-free?



Areas of Frontend itself

The second section relates to ourselves, Frontend code maintainers with covering following domains - Code, Documentation, Monitoring

  • Does codebase has decent documentation?
  • Are there any JS errors on production?
  • How do you react on performance regressions?
  • How big is the technical debt?
  • Are all our dependencies up-to-date?


The last, but not least - Frontend from user's perspective - Accessibility, Performance, Security

  • Is the service you provide is inclusive?
  • Is the speed in your app is a UX bottleneck?
  • Is our users' data and your application secure?


Areas of users

All together

These questions and sections can build a good picture of the state of Frontend

Frontend 360

All these aspects are important to keep a healthy project that will bring the joy to work with for you, your peers and your users.

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