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Do I make myself clear

Do I make myself clear!

We had some late night work and testers found what they considered a bug. A developer was set to solve it according to the task set forth, and he made a PR. At 7pm I get a request to approve this PR for this new task.

The problem: An input that was defaulted to 1, when decreased to 0 was then unable to be increased again.

Testers solution: Disallow 0 values, preset to 1 as minimum.

The testers that wrote the task, did not just describe the issue but also attributed a solution path for the developer rather than letting the developer do the analyze to find the true solution. Also the task had UX opinions without involving the designer that is responsible for the UX guidelines.

And in all of this, they lost track of the future and what is to come. All involving parties knew of the upcoming sprint(s) where we will be developing further upon this and would need to be able to 0 out a value without side-effects.

After some discussions with the tester and reminding them of the change to come, I steered them on the path to solving the true cause and letting the developer do the analyzing of the issue. Once that was done, we resolved the side-effect of not being able to increase from 0.

So my take away from this;

  • Remember what is to come and the bigger picture so you don't paint yourself into a wall and then have to re-paint everything because you've created something that is non-transferable and will not behave the same way in the next turnover.
  • Don't impose UX guidelines if there are no clear ones. Instead defer to the Designer that is responsible for them.
  • Let the developer do the analyzing and find a path that conforms to both of the above points.

Also, don't do PRs at 7pm. Take some time off.

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