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Find if any page is hosted in the cloud.

Nov 25 AWS outage

Shortly after the AWS outage, I was looking around if I can easily see what pages are running on what cloud providers.

I could not find any suitable tool. The closest was simple iplookup/whois.

I though there must be a better way.

It looks like every decent cloud provider (Looking at you, Microsoft) provides public lists of IP ranges. But there was no tool to check it against given website.

So I decided to create easy way to lookup this information.

In the first version, I scanned the whole website, grabbed all the links resolved the DNS, compared it to the list.

It took some time, and it was probably not worth it, I did not really care that much about the subsequent requests. But if you wanted it, the functionality is there waiting to be turned on again.
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In current version, I only check the requested domain.

I hope you will find it useful.

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