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Drom - Cargo-like package manager for OCaml

OCaml come with default package manager : opam. Opam work both version manager and package manager for OCaml.

OCaml had various build system like dune and ocamlbuild.

How if that opam and dune collab ? drom.

Citing from drom home page, here Raison d'être of drom

It’s a tool to build and install the project, combining calls to opam and dune to create a local switch, install dependencies, build the project and its documentation.

TL;DR : opam + dune + odoc with Cargo taste.

Install drom

Firstly, you need opam and OCaml installed on your device. Installing drom bit like installing yarn with npm.

opam install drom

Create project with drom

After installing drom, to create project

drom new [project name]

drom new

Run Project

Do this on your project folder

drom run

More details about drom

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