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Starting #100daysofcode challenge as a newbie. how does it feel, and how I am starting...

So here we are, talking about the start of my journey , well i will start by telling you that i was on twitter and got to know some people that did this challenge and are very happy with what they have become as a I thought of first planing it out of how do I have to spend the next 100 days and what things I have to learn , when I start thinking I made a list of like 30+ things that I have to learn , and I was like damn, I won't be able to do it, and left the thought of starting.

After some more time on twitter, I thought of at least starting and thought that I will do at least something than nothing. yeah I made another planing session and got to know where to start from ie., THE BASICS...yeah frontend and then backend. and then moving forward step by step...

I am very excited about how these days of my life are gonna be, and I am looking forward to completing this challenge for now and not quitting it in between.

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