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Calling function inside Apple Script

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I 've been using Apple Script to for my Finder extension FinderGo. Because of sandboxing, all scripts must lie inside Application Scripts folder.

Today, I was rewriting my Xcode extension XcodeWay. Before Xcode 8, we could use Xcode plugin and all kinds of magic to make our dreams come true But then it does not work since Xcode Source Editor Extension was introduced. So I rewrote XcodeWay as an extension

Extension must run inside sandbox. If you switch App Sandbox in your XcodeWayExtensions.entitlements to NO, it won't load. So sandbox restricts me a lot in what kinds of things I want to do. And under Xcode 9, I can't use NSWorkspace to open Finder.

So I think I could use Apple Script too, and it worked like a charm. The only restriction is code reuse, since I only know how to run an entire script. One way is to import other Apple scripts but I think I will write all the functions inside 1 script, and find out how to call specific function.

By function, I also mean handler, procedure. I come across this snippet Scriptinator that pretty much inspires me, thanks to open source.

So here is my script that contains lots of functions . And here is ScriptRunner that explains how to build NSAppleEventDescriptor. Note that you need to import Carbon

import Carbon

func eventDescriptior(functionName: String) -> NSAppleEventDescriptor {
  var psn = ProcessSerialNumber(highLongOfPSN: 0, lowLongOfPSN: UInt32(kCurrentProcess))
  let target = NSAppleEventDescriptor(
    descriptorType: typeProcessSerialNumber,
    bytes: &psn,
    length: MemoryLayout<ProcessSerialNumber>.size

  let event = NSAppleEventDescriptor(
    eventClass: UInt32(kASAppleScriptSuite),
    eventID: UInt32(kASSubroutineEvent),
    targetDescriptor: target,
    returnID: Int16(kAutoGenerateReturnID),
    transactionID: Int32(kAnyTransactionID)

  let function = NSAppleEventDescriptor(string: functionName)
  event.setParam(function, forKeyword: AEKeyword(keyASSubroutineName))

  return event
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