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Pushing to gist

Creating a new gist

  • Go to and create a new gist
  • Note that you need to include filename + extension to enable automatic language markup
  • Click Add file to add more files

Cloning the gist

  • If you've enabled 2 factor authentication, you need to use personal acccess token with https, or use ssh.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication, or if you are accessing an organization that uses SAML single sign-on, you must provide a personal access token instead of entering your password for HTTPS Git.

git remote add origin
git clone
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  • You have branch master by default
git push origin master
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Ignoring directories

remote: Gist does not support directories.

  • In my cases I'm using node, so I need to ignore node_modules directory
  • Also need to untrack if necessary
git rm --cached -r .
git add .
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