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🔥 5 Things Your Browser Can Already Do

These features are incredibly powerful for building Progressive Web Apps and fascinating the user.

In the last years, browsers have implemented many features focused on performance and security, but other very interesting ones have been taking place, bringing news about user experience.

I gathered the recent features that caught my attention. If you know others, leave in the comments so I can add it in this article :)

Credential Management API

Allows the user to login using your own browser, avoiding the need to implement forms with login / password.

Web Share API

Allows the user to share links and files with other device apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Notes, etc.)

Web Payments API

Allows the user to make credit card transactions using their own browser. User can control sensitive information, select credit card, etc. Very cool!


Allows the user to continue playing video content by overlaying other apps in the corner of the screen.

Web Speech API

Allows the browser to "hear" and "understand" audio from the user's microphone. That way you can use voice commands or maybe even implement a new Siri.

Have you used any of those? Share it in the comments!

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