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Laravel & NuxtJS Starter pack

ordigital profile image Adam Mateusz Brożyński Updated on ・1 min read

This is an upgraded and modified version of m2sd/nuxt-laravel-starter with BootstrapVue instead of Vuetify and Laravel 7 with Sanctum SPA Auth.


  • Laravel 7
  • Sanctum SPA Auth
  • public_html as public dir
  • NuxtJS (pallares/laravel-nuxt)
  • BootstrapVue
  • DotEnv
  • ESLint + VSCode support
  • Jest


  • Clone repository:
$ git clone https://github.com/ordigital/laravel-nuxt-bs.git your-project
$ cd your-project
  • Run auto-setup:
$ ./setup.sh

…which just executes commands below:

$ npm install # installs npm modules
$ npm audit fix # fixes to npm
$ composer install # installs composer modules
$ php artisan key:generate # generates app key in .env
$ touch database/database.sqlite # creates sqlite database
$ php artisan migrate:fresh --seed # migrates and seeds database with example user
  • Edit .env and change:
APP_NAME="Name of your app"
APP_DESC="Description of your app"
DEV_URL=http://localhost:3000 # axios baseURL for development
  • You can edit NuxtJS config in nuxt.config.js and NuxtJS project in resources/nuxt
  • Run developement server:
$ npm run dev
  • Open website and try to sign in as alf@melmack.mm using password lucky
  • To build for production:
$ npm run build
$ php artisan serve


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