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Oreva Eniworo
Oreva Eniworo

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A month into my coding journey

About a month ago, i made the decision to learn to code mostly because i had reflected on my qualifications and it scared me that they seemed pretty basic, maybe even inadequate. It began from a conversation I had with a friend, and in it the idea of coding was seeded. i contacted my old college roommates who are already seasoned programmers and they gave me the down low about programming. As they spoke, my mind kept getting opened to the possibilities. Prior to this day, i had no idea what front-end or back-end meant as i was a total novice. suddenly the feeling of being lost disappeared. For the first time, this was something i actually wanted and was excited about, and it started to seem like I might finally find my path. Before long, they set me up with tutorials (thank goodness for amazing friends, right?) and thus began the journey.

i installed the necessary softwares and my journey began. i went through each tutorial video like my life depended on it(lol, it did). A few days in, when the initial excitement and bravado began to wane, i started to feel something i later came to know as impostor syndrome. As the tutorials got harder, i began to wonder if this was really what i wanted to do. i rang up my buddies who were programmers one by one and they helped calm my mind down. i came to discover the developer community on social media. Tweets from Danny Thompson a developer whose story is an inspiration on its own were exactly what i needed to see everyday.

Fast forward to one month later, i look back and i see that I've come a long way from the scared novice i was a month ago. i can now write codes in HTML and CSS comfortably, I'm presently learning JavaScript as i plan to focus on the back-end of web development. I couldn't have done any of this without the help of the amazing people around me. this is just the first step in a million steps to come. for the first time in a long time, i'm excited about what the future holds for me. i say BRING IT ON!

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Mr Folahanmi • Edited

I want to cry!
I'm so happy you made this decision.
I have to say though, now the work's only just begun, it definitely would be tough (the journey) but you've absolutely got this bud.
You'll always have the dev. community behind you cheering you on!

You rock!

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Oreva Eniworo

Thanks brother.