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Generating Auth Scaffolding to Running make: auth in Laravel

Osman Forhad
👨‍💻Mobile & Web Application Developer (ReactNative, Nodejs, MongoDB, React, Laravel, Mysql)
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After installing a fresh Laravel6 Application I have noticed that the make: auth command no longer exists.
For this case, first I have to install the Laravel/ui package via composer.
So, what is Laravel ui.?
Laravel ui: Laravel ui is a new first-party Package that extracts UI Portation of a Laravel project into a Separate Laravel/ui package.
The Separate
The package enables the Laravel team to iterate on the ui Package Separately from the main Laravel codebase.
for this reason, first I am going to project the directory through the cd and Run composer requires larval/UI --dev command on my terminal.
Alt Text
And then Run PHP artisan UI vue --auth
Now I need to install npm and run dev (which also suggest Laravel Application on my terminal)
for that, I have to run the npm install command on my terminal.
And then run npm run dev command.
That’s it.
Finally, Auth Scaffolding in Laravel6 Generates Successfully.
that's it.
Happy Coding.
osman forhad
Mobile & Web Application Developer💻

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