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How to run your pods without turning gray 📦👴

In development stages when we debug our Kubernetes deployments or playing with Helm charts we may get stuck with some strange errors. CreateContainerConfigError and CreateContainerError are two among them.

They occur when Kubernetes tries to create a container in a pod, but fails before the container enters the Running state.

You can identify these errors by running the kubectl get pods command – the pod status will show the error like this:

NAME        READY     STATUS                        RESTARTS    AGE
my-pod-1    0/1       CreateContainerConfigError    0           1m23s
my-pod-2    0/1       CreateContainerError          0           1m55s
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Brave guys from Komodor told us about the common causes of this error and how to resolve it. However, note there are many more causes of container startup errors, and many cases are difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot.

One of the obvious reasons of getting CreateContainerConfigError is that k8s is not capable to pull a docker image to create a pod from. Because of lack of required secrets in operative namespace. The secret is tended to be unique, it cannot be accessed from pods outside its namespace!

A workaround involves manual copying required secrets from one namespace where it exists, e.g. in production one, to another, e.g. development namespace. Here's an example how to implement copying (thanks Revsys team for this tip):

kubectl get secret gitlab-registry --namespace=revsys-com --export -o yaml | kubectl apply --namespace=devspectrum-dev -f -
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