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Pickaboo #0

hello internet.

so after a long time since i stopped, i came back to learning; but as it turned out i was kinda all over the place, so i wanted to started from scratch (well not really!)

what i will be doing is trying to make production ready web-apps as fast as possible, the point of these apps is to learn one tech really well so i can increment my learnings (tech by tech)

i saw that it will be good to start with react, but (because i am bad at UI design) i will be using MaterialUI to make it easy for me to get the project up and running, maybe after getting comfortable i will make an app with vanilla react.

what is Pickaboo

Pickaboo is the most clever name that i could come up with for a web-app that makes it easier to post, find and collect your favorite pickup lines

i can't discuss all the features am thinking of now, because i want this to be just an introduction to what i am doing

what i am using to build Pickaboo?

because i want to mainly focus on learning React; i am using:

  • React with MaterialUI
  • Strapi for the backend
  • MongoDB as a database

what I'm planing to learn from building Pickaboo?

first and foremost, i want to be able to build a responsive and accessible UI using React (MaterialUI), along side that i want to learn

  • state management using React alone
  • authentication
  • folders structuring and refactoring following best practices
  • VIM (yeah i want to do all the cool stuff with only my keyboard)

i know that i will not be able to learn all of that from Pickaboo alone (because this will be my first "real project"), but i think that i will learn a lot.

what i have done so far

i was able to setup the strapi API, and consume it with React. all i have managed to do was having cards that display the pick-up-lines, but i didn't get much into styling for now.

this is the repo of the project

well that's it!, good luck to me... i guess!

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