Use Bulma and FontAwesome 5 with Nuxt.js

Matthew Piercey on September 07, 2019

So, you created a new boilerplate site using Nuxt.js. Now what? Well, maybe you'll want to use a CSS framework to get started with styli... [Read Full]
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Using this method does not generate custom-color classes for me.. like has-background-secondary where secondary is my custom color created in Bulma. Any idea how to fix this?


I do happen to know that using this method you can't assign a Bulma variable to a custom SCSS variable, only a value, so I probably made a mistake somewhere along the line. Thanks for pointing this out, BTW. Perhaps bulma.io/documentation/customize/w... (or at least the last half of it) could help?


Yeah i now did it by using an extra nuxt module@nuxtjs/style-resources that loads my styles.scss and then if i also load it using the css property in nuxt i get what i want but i do have the feeling its now loading and generating more css then it should since a lot of classes are being there twice. Purgeing my css does not seem to fix that.

Are you using github.com/Developmint/nuxt-purgecss? Because that's the only way I got PurgeCSS to work. If I'm not mistaken, you otherwise should be doing it right.

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