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@angular/fire/storage Angular 11 Upload files to Firebase

Tutorial: @angular/fire/storage – Angular 11 (Angular 8) – Upload/Display/Delete files to/from Firebase Storage using @angular/fire

In this tutorial, shows you way to upload, get, delete Files to/from Firebase Storage in a simple Angular 11 App using @angular/fire. Files’ info will be stored in Firebase Realtime Database.

Technologies for Angular Firebase Storage

– Angular 11
– RxJs 6
– @angular/fire 5.1.3
– firebase 5.11.1

Angular 11 Firebase Storage Overview

Angular 11 Firebase Storage Overview

We will build an Angular 11 Firebase App that can:
– helps user choose file from local and upload it to Firebase Storage
– show progress with percentage
– save file metadata to Firebase Realtime Database
(Functions above from the posts: Upload File to Storage)
– get list Files and display

How to do – @angular/fire/storage?


– Upload file:

  • save file to Firebase Cloud Storage
  • retrieve {name, url} of the file from Firebase Cloud Storage
  • save {name, url} to Firebase Realtime Database

– Get/delete files: use file {name, url} stored in Database as reference to Firebase Cloud Storage.

So, after upload process, the results will be like:

-> Firebase Storage:

Firebase Storage

-> Firebase Realtime Database:

Firebase Realtime Database

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